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September 8, 2013
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Taral Quinn SHSL Golf Star by LabonBull Taral Quinn SHSL Golf Star by LabonBull

Hmmm i maay need to update his personality later, and his history kinda boring but over all im happy with my new baby Taral
i hope everything's good enough to get me in ;;


Taral Quinn





135 lbs.


November 1st

Super High School Level Golf Star
-At the young age of 13 Taral one his first tournament, his obvious skills are what got him in and what won him the trophy. He has very strong upper-body strength, from all the swinging and carrying his golf bag, since he douse't like golf karts. And he can walk long distances, and is very fast.


-Extra Features-
Single golden earing on each ear.
Green Tie
Red plaid hat (not usually seen with ought it on)
Black watch on his left wrist
Golf glove on right hand (Always has it on.)



Taral is very selfish, and fairly rude. Hes not good with people, and usually sees anyone as compensation and feels the need to beat them, even if theirs nothing to beat them at. Hes a sour loser, and tends to get very upset when beaten at anything, even when he knows he will lose. He has a lot of respect for women, and is usually slightly nicer to them then other men, but over all hes an asshole.

Hes very full of himself, but not boastful. He has a slight "better then you" outlook on things and fairly quick to jump to conclusions. He douse't like being proven wrong, and will often get upset if he is. He is very secretive and douse't like to tell people about himself, or his life, or just really anything to do with him, just getting his name is hard work.


On November 1st, well Danial played his last round in a top golf tournament, he had no idea his wife had gone into labor.

With a strong swing, and amazing aim, Danial's final course was cleared with only one hit, as he got himself his very first hole in one. After a small victory dance, he ran into the crowed to see his wife, but when he did, she was no were to be found. A stranger came up to him and told him that Ava, his wife was just driven to the hospital because she had gone into labor almost an hour ago. And Danial almost fainted when he heard that.

And within seconds he was speeding down the highway, and in 10 minuets he was running into the hospital, were they were fairly well known. Ava was a very ill woman, the doctors could never figure out what was wrong with her, and just the idea of having a baby scared both her and her husband. But it was her dream, to have a child, so that's what she did, and it turned out it would be the last thing she did. Danial was directed to the whiting room, ad a doctor came out and told him that his wife was very ill and they didn't know if she would survive.

Danial started balling after hearing that, but the doctor put his hands on his shoulders and informed him that even though she wasn't well, he had a beautiful healthy son.

two hours later, Ava had passed away. The reason was unown to the doctors, and it was just assumed her body couldn't take the presser. After all of that, Danial was introduced to his baby. Danial was still balling uncontrollably, holding his child close. It turns out when he was born, he never made a nose, but over all he was healthy.

Ones Danial could regain his composer, he managed to wright out the name he was giving his child "Taral Quinn" was shakily written down onto the paper.

4 years past, and Taral's father had slowly moved on throughout those years. His son needed his most and he wasn't about to fall apart and leave him all alone. When Taral turned 5, he started playing Golf on his own, obviously he had week swings and he had to hit the ball 20 times to get it to the end. But he was surprisingly focused for a 5 year old, and did it repetitively right. And as expected, over the years he only got better and better. By the time he was 10 he was playing really well and had a very strong swing.

Taral attended every game and tournament his fathered played in, and always went to practice with him. When he was 13, he played and one his first tournament, and quickly went up the ladder and by the time he was 15 he had even beat his father in a finals game, with a single lucky hole in one. Tarals father was so proud of his son it was un-believable that so fast his son had knocked his down to the secant top player in the US.

He had his own tournament back in Ireland, were he was born, raised met and marred Ava, and he was going to bring Taral with him, but he up right refused. Taral had a very bad fear of highs, and being on a jet for over 5 hours was like a death sentence for him. In the end, Taral was left the hour, money for food and so on. He was 17 at that point and old enough to live on his own for the most part. Two days after his father left, Taral got a letter addressed to him in the mail.

It was an invitation to Hopes Peek Private Academe. Taral had herd of it before, and it wasn't far from were he was living now. Over all, he was pretty exited about it, just in his own bored looking way, and called up his dad. And it turns out his father was even more exited, and pretty much told him he had to go. All students who graduated from Hopes Peek were said to be guaranteed success in life, and Tarals father only wanted the best for him.

And thus Taral packed his bags. His father couldn't see him off sadly, his flight was delayed do to a storm and a plain crashing, so Taral was all alone when he walked up to the huge entrance of the school and stepped inside.

Well Taral was attending Hopes Peek, his fathers plain crashed well he was flying home, and he died. Taral was going to drop Hopes Peek, and golf all together. But didn't and stayed because he knew his father would want him to.


- Taral is very strict about always having his prized Golf Club at hand. A 2 iron. The fist club given to him by his father, and the first of his prized set.

- Huge clean freak, and is contently cleaning his gold club or any golf balls he might have on him.

- Taral is contently chewing pink gum, he clams it helps his focus.

- He draws a little face on his golf ball, because his father use to whenever he played. He would say its his own form of good luck and has never done him wrong

-Taral douse't often swear, unless hes using the word the way its suppose to be used, or his flustered and douse't know what to say.

- Taral blames himself for his mothers death

- Surprisingly, Taral often blames himself for things that don't even have anything to do with him

- He is also fairly good at baseball and tennis, but douse't like all the running.

- Rather walk over taking a golf cart.

- Taral is a complete germaphobe, he douse't always carry sope so he can get pretty edgy and snappy after getting dirty, or someone touching him.

- and to add to that, he rarely gets sick.

- He never actually douse anything with his hair in the morning.

- Taral has amazing aim

- Crying is something no one has ever seen Taral do, other then his father. After Taral turned 8, no one had seen him cry since. (he doesn't want people to think hes week)

- Has a huge sweet tooth, most of all for baked goods

- douse't have a single scare on his body.

- Very picky with food.

- He likes to point at people with his Golf club, to insure they know hes talkig to them, so its a good idea to stay a hole golf club away from him.

- Taral has a horrible fear of heights and most un-tamed animals (anything you cant have as a pet) because he watches to much tv

-RP Sample-

He let out a low sigh as his fingers ran though his hair. He would never admit it, but he was as nervous as it gets. Hes moved schools a lot, but those were just dumb public schools. This though, THIS was a famous private school, Hopes Peek Academy. "Anyone who graduates from this school, is guaranteed success hmm..." He mumbled to himself, looking up at the huge building. "Not that I wasn't already guaranteed success but whatever, don't got any choice, do i dad" He said to really no one, as he was all alone. Taral fixed the bag slumped over his shoulder, and rested his golf club over his shoulder and took a deep breath, and walked into his new school.
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Kirlikea Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, he looks so cool, love the design!
And his backstory is so sad, aw, I feel so bad for him ;u;
he sounds like a hella good character tho wow~
LabonBull Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh man thank you!
Yeah I really needed more sad story's to my characters, and I thought Taral would be a good place to start 
And I enjoy comparing him to Cuebone hehehe

And thank you again! 
Kirlikea Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure!
Aah, it's fun to do but at the same time I can't
help but feel bad for them and almost guilt sometimes! ;u;
Ooh, you're right, they can be kinda similar ouo

no problem~
Fluffpanda Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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