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Trudy Lambert - Armonia by LabonBull Trudy Lambert - Armonia by LabonBull
:bulletpurple:Name: Trudy Lambert
Nicknames: Dee, Pumpkin 

:bulletpurple:Age: 16
:bulletpurple:Gender: Male
sometimes mistaken for a girl??? or maybe he is a girl whO KNOWS??????

:bulletpurple:Pokémon: PumpkabooSuper sized
:bulletpurple:Birthday: January 1st

:bulletpurple:Theam Song: Brave - Sara Bareilles  

:bulletpurple:Height: 5'11"
:bulletpurple:Weight: 150

:bulletpurple:Nature: Timid
:bulletpurple:Summary characteristic: Quick to flee
:bulletpurple:Ability: Pickup 
He likes to colect little nicknacks well hes out and about and tends to be a slight horder

:bulletpurple:Hometown: Coumarine City Kalos
Born in Anstar City (he dose not know that)
What he conciders his hometown is Coumarine city


Trudy tends to come off as very jumpy, and distent, and he is but its oviously not all there is to him. Do to Trudys lack of socalising with people back home, hes not very good at it. Though, it dosnt mean he is not willing to try. Trudy is well manered and kind, even if it takes a second to see it though his scares aditude. At times, comments he dosnt mean do slip out, aspeshaly when he feels stressed or thretend, but he never means it. Trudy is also very clean and tidy, willing to help anyone with cleaning from a locker to a hole room out, and he appers a lot more open and positive well cleaning as if its like a stress relever to him. Trudy can also be gulable on some topics. Say if someone told him there was a vishios monster in the forest, he would beleave them 100%, but do to his over active imaginashion, he would probubly alredy think that. But most of all he is very determined, and when he sets puts his mind to something he wont give up, no matter how scared he is.


Trudy never made it past the age of 1. He was a sick baby and was thought to pass on sooner then he did, but that was not the end of him. Not to long after Trudy passed away, he was given a second chance as a Pumpkaboo, with no memory of any past life, even if it was short. Not that it mattered anyways, since when he fully woke up he was in an orphanage surrounded by little kids. Trudy dosent remeber much from when he was little (4 and under.) So, he remebers pretty much nothing about the orpanage he lived at for only 3 years.
After those 3 years where up, he was adopted along side 3 other kids, 1 girl nd 2 boys, by a rick family who couldnt have kids of there own. The one girl, Annettie, had clamed he was her brother from day one, but he didint quight understand. After being adopted, he became only slightly closer to his sibblings, even though he never spoke much untill' he was 6 years old. And sadly, when he did begin to speek, it wasnt much. It want that he didint like living in the big house he did, and he really enjoyed living with his family. But his family was very socal, and had menny partys and there was always people over, and it frightned him.
From day one poor Trudy was horrable with other people that he want related to. And since his family seemed so socal, he was always hiding away in his room. Ones his parents took note of this, he was sent away to Coumarine City to live with his step grand parents. It was a lot quieter down there, which Trudy enjoyed. From 6 to 13, Trudy lived a relaxed, quiet life. School was simple, he went did his work and came home, he never did have any friends, other then the occashinal student that would work with him or talk to him.
Though, when Trudy turned 13, he was in class learning about difrent types of pokemon. One of the last types he learned about, was ghost, one of his own typeings. At first it started simple, and intresting, but when they got into details it all went down hill. He learned that some ghosts are just pokemon who died and where "given a second chance" or "came back from the dead"
This scard Trudy, was he dead? No one had told him so, but then again no one has told him otherwise eather. A week after that, Trudy worked up the curage to ask his grandparents. The reply he got was first just silence and then they explained. Yes, he did die well he was inthe orpahange, but they didint know what pokemon he once was. Trudy was... very supprised. He felt... alive? It really did take a wile to click with him.
After it did click, he tryed so hard to push it to the back of his mind but it always came back to him. Soon enough when he was 14 he gave up and finily dicided to look into who he use to be. Really he had no idea if he maybe was 20 when he died and was reborn, but then again grandma did say he died at the orfanage... It didint make much sence to him but he still wanted to know who he really was.
for a year, he kept his serching to himself. He only used the internet to look up things about becoming a ghost and so on, though he had no luck. He also tryed some memory excersises, to maybe help him remeber somethings he may have forgotten, but like befor it didint work.
After not to long Trudy became despret for ancers, he wanted to know, he wanted to know right now! But that ment he would need to leave his confert zone abit. Awile after turning 16, he finily dicided he would be the one to call home for the first time since he left home. His step parents and sibblings have called, but conversashions where short or he just never ancered. His step mother picked up, and he talked to her for almost an hour. Sadly, she knew as much as his grandparents and when he asked to speek to his step father he just got the same resalts.
When he asked to speek to his siblbings thouhg, he was told one of them was away and the other two of them where away to a school called Armonia. And on that note, Trudys mother suggested maybe he go to the school as well, or apply at the least. She talked about how they probubly missed him very much and the school could be a grate way to learn about who he might have been let alone give him a grate future! At first Trudy was completly agenced the idea, but after talking to his mother awile longer he agreed to try out. Though he was scared, this was something he needed morre then anything... And maybe this could even make him learn to make friends, and renew the broken bonds between him and his step sibblings.


- Taking quiet walks alone on the beach at night
- Collecting 
- Cleaning
- Baking


- Astonish
Astonish inflicts damage and has a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch if the user attacks before the target.

Razor Leaf

- Scary Face
Scary Face lowers the target's Speed stat by two stages.

- Confuse Ray

:bulletpurple:Favorite berry flavor: Sweet

:bulletpurple:House: Tesla

:bulletpurple:School Schedule:


-Math II
-Heath and sex Ed.

:bulletpurple:Extras/Fun Facts

- Trudys fears*
Thunder and Lightning storms
any pokemon bigger then him (+ Ice bug dragon and other ghost types)
the dark 
90% of faril pokemon
doctors of any kind
People tutching him
and some more stuff

- Things Trudy dose not fear
Poison fire and dark types

- Trudys eyes freckles lower back/hips all glow + his tears if he crys in the dark (  ) *

- His hair grows really fast and when it dose it grows out into a big messy afro

- He flinches if someone as much as lifts there hand over him

- Very smart, but in serton subbgects he can do a little worse when he could do better, since he dosnt ask for help

- Gets cold very easly

- Almost always claming the worlds going to end

- Very very clean, he cant sit still with dirty surroundings and when cleaning is one of the only times he can talk normaly to someone

- Trudy is very lanky, and is almost never seen eating*

- Though people do see him baking a lot 

- He really hates how tall he is since it makes it hard to hide

- Was a fire type in his past life*

- Has family in armonia

- Having crushes/or so much as finding someone attractive is rare

- Sleeps with like 3 blankets but no pillow

- Screems like a little girl 
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LabonBull Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
anyone who wants a brief meeting with Trudy can reply to this comment with there character! Id love to practice with him be for using him in the chats~
gaper4 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd love to of course <3

maybe with dee? since Jacques is in wip form atm oops
LabonBull Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist

and sure! just say maybe Dee seen him at the docks and dicided to say hello or something?? if you want
gaper4 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ah yeah that works o v o
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